Wee Willie Harris 50s Rock ‘n’ Roll Star Not Invited To Olympic Closing Ceremony (approx. 40 cartoons and poems below)

British Rock ‘n’ Roll legend not invited to the closing ceremony of the Olympics, ditto Tommy Steele also born in Bermondsey.

Teddy Bears Picnic Banned From Mclympics

The exhibition comprises approx 40 cartoons, poems and collage etc

by Dave Bishop leader of the Bus Pass Elvis Party and various related campaign groups (see Wiki) who stood in the Feltham Bye-election (93 votes), London, December 2011 and campaigned against fast food corporations sponsoring sports events. He also campaigned against junk food in the 2005 General Election (Erewash – Church of the Militant Elvis, 116 votes)

American Gospel Singer Upsets Liberals at the Cultural McLympiad

Cadbury’s Sugar Daddy Beats Hasty Retreat From the Cultural McLympiad


A psychic message from Ronnie Kray

It Was Cameron’s Idea, the Swine!

Eastend Lad Visits Cultural McLympiad


See cockney rhyming slang dictionary for translation.